The New Draft Plan


Below is a downloadable copy of the new draft plan for Chinnor along with Appendix 5 which details the site allocations. This document remains unchanged and was Appendix 6 in the current 2021 'made' plan as currently adopted by SODC

The plan has also been reviewed by experts within SODC to ensure that it meets all of the extensive requirements and regulations that apply to these Neighbourhood Plans.

The revisions may not seem as extensive as some would like to see. However, to make changes that are more substantive would have required a fuller process including another local referendum which would have severely impacted the release of this document and its subsequent adoption by SODC, our local authority responsible for planning decisions in this Parish.

A Neighbourhood Pan is a document that is produced by the local residents to reflect the majority views of those residents relating to the future of their village/parish especially in respect of its future needs as population growth is accommodated by further housing development

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 - Regulation 14 requires that people who live, work or do business within the Parish covered by the plan are given opportunity to make representations (comments) and as such this site includes a comments page for you to do so.

Alternatively, a hard copy of this plan is available at the Chinnor Parish Council offices at the Pavilion where written representations made also be made. The Offices are open Mon-Thurs 9am to 1pm

Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan 2023 Consultation Review Version Clean
PDF – 4.1 MB 289 downloads
Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Appendix 5 Site Allocation
PDF – 1.7 MB 216 downloads