The modification Statement





2011 to 2035 Plan Made – May 2021

Draft 2023 Update


Modification Statement assessing the significance of the changes proposed to the existing Neighbourhood Plan.


Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan 2023 Update

 Modification Statement


This statement has been prepared to respond to Regulation 17(e)(ii) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) and describes the extent of the changes proposed to the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan (NP). We believe these changes which are material modifications do not change the nature of the plan.

The most recent version of the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan was formally 'made' by South Oxfordshire District Council on 20th May 2021, and subsequently has formed an integral part of that Council’s Development Plan.

Chinnor Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have prepared an update to the Plan, which is now submitted for Regulation 14 consultation. Changes to the Plan have been made in the following areas:


  • The vision has been reworded – while the overall themes are consistent, some clarity and context has been added. There was a collaborative effort to create something that kept the same direction as the previous vision but more clearly specified the purpose of this NP for Chinnor.



  • Objectives 2, 4, 5 and 6 have been reworded to give greater clarity and strength to the message being put across. The underlying thrust of the objective has not been altered.
  • Objectives 3 and 7 have had very minor changes. Similar to the point above, but either the addition or removal of a single word rather than whole sentences.
  • There is a new Objective – Objective 8. This is centred around the natural environment and protecting it for the benefit of both people and the environment itself. While this is a new objective, it was already being covered by a combination of the other objectives. It has been created to more clearly call out, and link to, this specific point within the NP.



Most policies are unchanged. Those that have been changed/added are:

  • CH H6 – Site allocations. Updated to show, and more clearly differentiate between, completed and yet to be completed developments since 2021.
  • CH H8 – Sustainable homes. Renamed from CH GP4 previously.
  • CH H1 – Design. Updated an Appendix reference (not material).
  • CH GP1 – Local Green Spaces. Added Mill Lane Community Garden as a new local green space. This is in addition to the 15 that were already present in the plan.
  • CH GP2 – Protection of Habitats of Significance. Refined/clarified the biodiversity gain target (net 10%)
  • CH CF1 – The Protection of Community Facilities. Updated the list of community/retail buildings, with the addition of four new Community Facilities: 38 - Millie’s Deli, Coffee Shop, Lower Road; 39 - Pound Garden & War Memorial; 40 - Buds That Blossom Nursery - Lower Road; and 41 - Parade Of Shops On Middle Way.
  • CH E1 – Education Facilities - New Policy. Added a policy which is similar to the medical facilities policy (CH CF2), stating that Chinnor would look favourably upon plans for a new school/pre-school or a plan to expand what is already present. While this is a new policy, the purpose is simply to highlight more clearly a need and feeling that was already captured within the wording of the NP.


Action Points for Chinnor Parish Council:

Section 10 of the NP covers the CPC Action Points – essentially a list of issues that the Council will continue to actively work on. Wording has been adjusted throughout the Section, but the material parts are the Action Points themselves. To summarise:

  • Minor changes to:
    • Action Point 3 – clarifying speed reduced network rather than 30mph specifically and noting the addition of the pinch-points on entrances to the village.
    • Action Point 4 – clarifying the changes with the 20mph speed limit.
    • Action Point 7 – adding a couple of organisations and mentioning climate change specifically.
  • Major changes to:
    • Action Point 6 – adding in other projects that the Council could ask for funding for through CIL. These are footpaths, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and parking. Additionally, the burial ground project has been removed.


There are updates to allow for changes in the village since the last NP update, and are not aimed at materially changing what CPC is committing to work towards over the next plan period.

There are many detailed wording changes in the main report to respond to the Local Plan (SODC's Local Plan 2035 is now published and there is a Joint Local Plan for South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse in preparation), the latest local infrastructure data and reports and 2021 Census data. While these do not significantly change the objectives, they do require a lot of detailed edits to reference the correct policy numbers, statements and context.


The proposed amendments and additions do not change the nature of the Neighbourhood Plan - the Vision, Objectives and the Policies remain broadly the same. The changes to the above do not aim to change their previous meanings or intentions – instead the changes aim to define their aim and context more clearly. The changes are either factual updates, additions (i.e., the new green space and new community facilities) or aim to capture a previously implied policy in a defined manner (i.e., CH E1 New Education Facilities).

Updates to Section 10, CPC Action Points, aim to keep this section in line with progress and changes in the village since the last NP update only.

We therefore consider that the changes proposed constitute material modifications which do not change the nature of the NP and would require examination but not a referendum.


Prepared by Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, 14 July 2023