Introduction and Background

It was in 2015 the first Neighbourhood Planning committee held an inaugural meeting to begin to outline what many other areas around the country were doing, by creating a Neighbourhood Plan so as to protect over development particularly in rural areas. It was two years before our Initial Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan went to referendum and was voted through by the residents and approved by South Oxfordshire District Council.

The Plan was further reviewed and updated in 2021 but now needs to be reviewed and updated again so as to maintain its status when planning decisions are made by SODC for this Parish

Following a public meeting in Dec 2022 a steering group was formed out of individual volunteers and the group of approx 12 which included both Parish Councillors and non-affiliated individuals have over a succession of meetings arrived at a consensus of changes which are detailed on the page named 'modification Statement' and included in the New Draft Plan.

The approach taken was one of limited changes such that this new plan could be achieved in a reasonable time-frame by avoiding significant changes that would require a further local referendum. It is likely that a fuller revision of the plan may be next on the agenda.

Whilst a full referendum is not required for this update it is important that this plan reflects, insofar as it is permitted by law, the majority views of the Parish residents and we therefore invite you to read both the modification statement and the new plan before then using the contact page to let us have any views and/or comments. Full details of Regulation 14 that covers this process can be found of the page 'Consultation Regulation 14'

ALL comments will be reviewed by the steering group and where agreed further changes will be instigated before this plan is submitted to SODC and statutory inspection.

The Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan is produced by the residents for the residents of Chinnor and the extended Parish. Your input is a cornerstone of this process.